Nectar scrub-coco for Tara

coco tara

Nectar scrub-coco for Tara

Body scrubs are shower essentials:they nourish, exfoliate and smoothen skin, leaving them silky soft and reducing breakouts as well as getting rid of dead skin cells particularly at the soles of the feet.

How often should you exfoliate your body? depending on your skin type whether sensitive or not, maybe twice or thrice a week

Coco for Tara Nectar Scrub is  a gentle exfoliating scrub that lifts away dead cells while leaving a visibly softer skin. It’s non-foaming, non greasy and smells beachy- like coconuts

The  scrubs  comes in a variety of fragrances: Lolly Lavender(floral) and Wadamzz(honey)

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