how to: keep cool in heat, 5 face primers that reallly work

hot weather makeup

how to: keep cool in heat, 5 face primers that reallly work

The Sun is out and the heat wave in Lagos is  nearing astronomical proportions, though the heat has been ascribed to the onset of Harmattan(cold,dry winds usually at the year’s end),we  find it quite annoying to see our artfully applied  makeup melting in the midday heat.

A few Makeup do/don’ts that We may find particularly helpful at this time are;

Do feel free to go absolutely makeup -free, I am not one of those who walk around without a stitch of makeup but if you are, more power to you, but please don’t neglect sunscreen

Dont attempt to wear more makeup particularly face powder,I am guilty of this as I end up with a cakey face that looks more messy as it melts in the heat

Do embrace the less is more approach to makeup: face primer,  cc creams,groomed brows , mascara, and even a dash of lip gloss may be all you need

what are your makeup dos and don’ts during the sunny weather? let us know in the comments section below

If  you are one of the 80% of women who would rather maintain their makeup game regardless of weather conditions and climate changes…then read on

Face primers are seriously the next best thing, they brighten up the face as well as keep complexion oil and shine free for up to 24 hours(if you believe the packaging) .Although a lot of face primers are notorious for doing nothing but we assure you ,with this 5 that is definitely  not the case.

Becca ever matte Poreless Priming Perfector: I am definitely adding this to my Christmas wishlist , Becca eliminates shine for up to a whooping 12 hours, apart from being oil free which is a common characteristic of most primers. it is also free from silicon, alcohol and fragrance. Ready to splurge on some serious sun shield , we are!!!becca

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*available at time of publication

no 7 stay perfect primer:Definitely in Bargain beauty category and yes, that’s part of why we love it, asides from being affordable, it provides an ideal base for foundation with its silky, soft and foamy finish, it visibly erases redness from the skin and makeup really lasts all day with no7 stay perfect primer


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*available at time of publication

Smash Box Pore minimizing Primer:  This oil-free primer  boasts a lightweight blend of  vitamins A and E as well as green tea and grape seed extract infused with  Camelia Olfeifera leaf extract (a powerful antioxidant  that prevents sun damage and preserves the skin’s natural moisture).

Simply dab on the t-zone: forehead, bridge of nose and everywhere else  you feel you need it.

Oily girls scored big-time on this one  as it minimizes pores for up to 8  hrs and keeps your face shine-free for  another 8 hours


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*available at time of publication

Zaron Perfect Finish: Technically this is not a primer as we don’t have to prime skin before foundation with this product. Instead what we do is to spray on face (eyes closed, of course) after make up is applied for a perfect- all day-long, oil- free look . Think of it as moisturizer meets setting spray. Ideal for all skin types and easy on the purse too.

zaron mist

product info: 

NARS pro-prime pore refining primer : NARS foundations are iconic, they are famous for being utterly amazing. so we expect nothing less from their face primer and it doesnt dissappoint as it refines pores and leaves skin matte;your face makeup really doesnt budge with this product.


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*available at time of publication

Did your favorite face primer make the list? let us know in the comments below


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